The Rain by Whitney Flaming

there is no deference between the teardrops and the rain
When tears need to fall so does the rain
thoughts to end the pain
that i want to make words
but can i find the courage to make them yours
T loved you a lot i honestly did
over that short amount of time
i ended our frinedship
thinking i was strong enough to
convince myself i am over you
for months i thought "success!"
in all reality i am a mess
i come back to seeing you everyday like before
i feel so horrible i never should have closed the door
this year is tough,
I now know that i am not strong enough
to overcome this obsticle
still today i melt in your eyes like a popsicle
I don't wat to tell you me inner thoughts or how i fell
to myself i told a few white lies
because of this i now have to wipe my eyes
Knowing if you knew that i still feel the same way
you would abuse me even more than before
i loved you then, i love you now
even now Iwill make that vowl

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