Endarkened Journey by Tia Voth

In the moonlight light, eyes shine such bright of colours.
But the darkness forever hides them.

"Tonight's a new journey. It may never end."

All those shooting stars
were once never quite this bright.
And I follow them to find my once blackened soul.
And maybe one day I'll find yours too on my way.
I'll return it with the love you once had.

and when you find your forgotten soul.
You may never want it back
It would radiate that love you had
But you've gotten use to this forsaken black.

And when you are looking at the stars.
Remember these words I always told.
You were such a loving creature.
how many you helped through.

Wake up from your dreamless night
The emotional depress
Come with me for on a moonlight walk
You mean this much to me

my baby doll, don't you cry,
So much you have taken in,
Your a strong one, hold your head high.
I want to see that smile that I had loved

So my loved one, trust me on this
Search the night sky, Find it once again
Accept the love you've always earned
Wear it on you sleeve with couragous pride.

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