The One that Destroyed the Beast in Me by Leah Goode

Staring at an obsidian like night
The sky a sea of darkness
A void of murky shadows
A caliginous abyss.

Frozen in a benumbed and taut night
Fixed to the ground
Adhered to the spot
Stuck to this place in my life.

Out of the bottomless gorge
Came a beastly
Ghastly odious and nauseating

As I bore my gaze into the beast
While I gawked at this monstrosity
When I looked at the creature
I realized it was I.

I was abashed
And Disconcerted
But not when I realized
This was me on the inside

I was not the beast per say
But I had a beast living in me
A monster I could not destroy
A fiend that only one could save me from

But while I was to be saved
I would also die
And be raised again in new life
With my Savior
My Shepherd
My King that slayed the beast

Now I step out into a night of Twilight
An immense sky of twinkling stars
All because of One
Jesus Christ

The One
Who scared away the beast in me
The Only
Who obliterated the sin in me

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