Calypso by Laura Petrie

Velvet smiles from Onyx forests,
Tanned beaches warmed by her sun,
The form of beauty she exerts,
Is mirrired by only one.
Yet beneath subtle imagery,
Soft sirens can transcend into crescendo,
The reflection of these isles,
A haunting memory of her calypso.

The stormy seas of golden shores,
Clouds shroud her mountanins crown.
She cannot hide from the heavy mists,
That threaten to reveal her frown.
Inevitably, calm will settle whence,
Upon the horizons far below,
Silence pauses in melancholy's breath,
For the lilting song of her calypso.

Her kindred residing in shadow's stealth,
Laments her brethren's yearning sorrow,
And vows the tides will turn again,
To be avenged upon the morrow.
As darkenss rises to anger's heed,
And her Ocean's menacing bellow,
All shall cower to fear's unyielding embrace,
The terrible wrath of her calypso.

Time shall calm an angry wound,
And roiling seas soon become still,
There is great beauty to their tunes,
Despite their emotive will.
Together they can sing quite sweet,
So beware their inuendo.
For none can predict the accurate tempo,
That is the colour of their Calypso

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