Diamonds in the Grass by Debra McEachern

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Diamonds in the Grass

You looked like you saw god
When you fell over and banged your head
On the floor
You had a smile on your face
And your eyes displayed a sense of wonder
But you recalled none of this after I revived you

In fact you lived with the direct lack of god and wonder once
You were full awake.
And that zero gravity persisted
For a number of years as though you were miffed that you couldnít
Take god back to your life.

A hawk landed on the sidewalk approaching my door
A large hawk in beautiful colour who came to adore the
Little white tail bunny that eats my flowers underneath
The shattered glass of the table where I dine with nature

The other day I found diamonds in the grass
The earth smelled of childhood and the evening crickets gave
Their rendition of a symphony
The birds, a requiem
My fingers stung from the tiny cuts

I plucked the diamonds one by one in the way that
I plucked death from your smiling lips and
The vacancy from your wondering eyes

How sad I was to find that you had forgotten
How sad I was that you were disappointed to find
Yourself still in life, or still in the life you had.
I take full responsibility though I donít fully understand why.

(c)D. McEachern 2008