Let's love one another by Daniel Kore

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Why are there hate, fight and crimes
There'd be no need for government

If men were angles
Hatred, discrimination, and slavery
is exercised by whites mainly
from children to Ku Klux Klan
From officers to racist women
Discrimination is common
against people who have different

kind of color skin
People are called names
From Mexicans, to Chinese and niggers
Some survive the beatings and some don't
But they never took them to court
Cause they had no right
Slaves, that is; to be exact
Why is the question I can't get an answer to
How people are arrogant to keep doing what they do
To discriminate one another
In a world where even life isn't fair
Parents teaching racism to their child
Instead of telling them to be kind
They fill all racist words in their mind
And I wonder, when we will have peace in this world

Since I am a human being with good heart
I will say Lets forget about the past

and try to move on
Because we don't know when
God is going to come and judge every person
What we did we cannot hide from him
So let's not ruin peoples self-esteem
Let's be nice, kind, and loving
Let's look at people as equal as every human being
No matter if they have a disorder
Or have different kind of color skin
Whether they are deaf or fat
If you don't have anything nice to say; then be quite!
Treat everybody like you want to be treated
Because everybody want to be respected
So change your attitude and those bad habits
Never ever hate, fight or commit crimes