What One Eye Sees by Natasha Slipchenko

In the air, the snow is falling,
On the ground the wolves are calling.
The frozen flake falls to the ground,
The silent wolf stalks all around.

I see their fate throught my one eye,
Watching how they all will die.
I know the end will come for all,
From the largest to the small.

In the dark I can see more,
Than I've ever seen before.
But in the light all fates are dim,
And all chances of escape are slim.

The darkness is like a light to me,
In the brightness, I cannot see.
The snow is a red mass of death,
And those that die give one last breath.

The air is still, the ground is cold,
The night is an endless mound of blue-black gold.
The stars, they shine like mighty kings,
The clouds are horses on blue wings.

Never have I seen so much,
Or so many fates to clutch.
Shhh, the wind wistles in the trees,
The world is far as anyone sees.

You can see me all around,
My eye is up there, white and round.
Sometimes it is just a splinter,
But I am there, and I am Winter.

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