Schizophrenia by Tia Voth

*Like a porcelain doll,
You're not wanted at all.*

Get out of my head,
listen to what is said.

*You're not at all fare,
You make people run scared.*

I'll get over my fear,
I can make you disappear.

*Oh my darling girl,
Your looks make me hurt.*

Your words won't hurt me,
Can't you even see

*I see the burning fire,
You're a horrific liar.*

I will see you go away,
My objective will not fray.

*You won't go through with it,
Your fear will make you sit.*

I will make my own death,
You will go to hell like the rest.

*I am like your father,
You wouldn't bother.*

Just like the words you sang,
I'll make this gun go bang.

*Your attempts always make me sad,
the more you try, the more people call you mad.*

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