To My High School Sweetheart by Daniel Kore

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Sometimes i lie in bed and think about the past
How i was affected by having you in my class
I remember the first time, i laid my eyes on you
I felt something special a feeling that was true
In my power,i tried everything possible
In order to stand out and become visible
I waited all those years to tell you how i felt
But when i got the chance, it was already late
I mean i could've told you the only time i talked to you
But you would have said, man get a clue!
Cause you were really mad and pissed
About what happened with your friend
I wish that you could see
How much you really mean to me
Somethimes i dream about you, think about you
Trust i am not saying this just to get with you
Everyday i used to pray to god
To contain my stressed out head
Your image, and love was filled in my mind
Like a volcano, it was about to explode
Anyways, i am telling you from the bottom of my heart
I am being honest, and everything i said i meant it
And please don't say that was back in the days
Cause you can't change my feelings
I said it over and over again, so trust me when i say
My feeling for you will never fade away

Like i told you my love is a river
That keeps flowing for ever