Literary Bash (Mark II) by Colin Ingram

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*Poem inspired by Miroslav Holub's "Literary Bash"
from his last collection: The Rampage

Like comets of stone -
flat meteors bloffed on a space rampage

totting on the cracks of acromion
dangling like skeleton keys - open all doors

on your hubris mansion;

quiet as an A bomb

rustled in the dead zone
mother warned you never to go..

the worms in the internet throb like
mentalistic Trojans

warlords pluck the scarred fetus of their carrion-kills
faces marred to victory
manic culture-vultures; the BBQ feast

concaved into the dark recesses of the literary

you are what you read…

pod casting hate into pixels of alienated wordplay
Mother Earth is gorging herself

her feet tap beneath radioscopic soil;
Death’s warming up

with eyes scooped from dead kaleidoscopes
punished with the weight of Hades’ colour blindness

all things belong in black

touting wrack-&-ruin speech
hacked down in secret tomes
heavy going as DeVinci codes.

Old Lautreamont is wearing the dead hand
signals at 6 o’ clock
news of Apocalypse in the sodomy of mudslinging pigs

washed down in the Madhatter’s endothelium
in the flat wet oratory of obelisks
stony-faced poetry

you might as well be talking to walls…

just for a crack or a Devil’s winking mercy

- castigating sweet labyrinths of fire
in boring juxtapositions of mythology

& the blood of the politically deranged