The Nightshade Wreath by Casey Brittain

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The pagan brew was now complete
I drank to be drunk
My head burning with devilís heat
All my lustful hoping had shrunk

Yes my loveís lover did appear
The ritual had held true!
Seductive in satanic shear
Whyíd I drink devilís stew?

Lilith did kiss my Loverís lips
And my love didnít resist
Contemplating each dark sip
Deathful sleep does persist

In anguish I sank to my knees
Twix the ringed nightshade
And questioned why to all the trees
As my world starts to fade

Eying Lilith and Mine intertwined
My heart beats too few
And deathís beckoning becomes kind
All from drinking devilís brew!

My hand does brace me from the ground
Or Lilithís plan be done
Which be, I tumble six feet down
And from all life be shunned

Yet sanguine rivers do descend
From my anguish clenched teeth
And a leer at them seals my end
Frantic I search the nightshade wreath

And write these warnings in patched sand
There are two things you must do
Let God destine your loves end, and
Never brew devilís stew!