The growin need by Michael Deboysere

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i cannot deny how i feel
it's not how i thought i would appeal
I look like i don't care
but my heart has always been there

i feel like an empty shell
and it's hurting like hell
now that you are gone
i know better that you're the one

never wanted you to be so sad
and doing so makes me mad
i lost you because of an issue or two
but i hope we solve them, making us anew

wipe away all of your tears
i know we both have fears
but issues can be solved
and we can get involved

we feel like the other is amiss
it shouldn't be like this
we can make it work again
though i won't ask when

i hope it will be soon
i miss you like the moon
and i know you miss me too
you and i just aren't a taboo