The Cave by Jenny McPhillips

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Inside this cave of wonderment,
my breathing represents the calm,
and when I rub my treasured lamp,
its wisdom shows me who I am.

In balanced waves from forth its lid,
I smell the oceanís salty air.
A windswept moment long ago
runs sensual fingers through my hair.

In multicoloured plentitude,
the darkened cave is brightly lit.
A ball of light appears from deep
within the very heart of it.

A swirling mist surrounds the air.
My eyes are not upon its whirls,
for dancing in the crystal ball
I see my priceless baby girls.

The dizziness consumes my soul
as darknessí reclamationís found.
Subconscious realms have dressed me down
and Iíll awake on stronger ground.