My Aunt, My Hero by Jessica McCosker

My Aunt, also known as my hero.
For the past thirteen years, I have listened to your encouraging words
Now it is time for you to hear some of mine!
I have followed your footsteps for as long as I can remember
I could never even think about how it would be like without you
You are like the piece that was lost and now is found.
You are the most beautiful, trustworthy, and caring person I have ever known
I love you more than words can say and you have done so much for me in the past
Thank you just wouldn’t cover it all
You are the double, no triple #1 AUNT in the world
God couldn’t have made you any more unique than you already are
He has done well.
I know that Grandmom Mazzeo is watching over you right now and always will because everyday will be very special for her
She loves you a lot and I know you are in her heart and she is in yours
Always remember the day of your marriage because that is the day your whole family gets together
Even those who have died, they are always at the top of the church floating around, watching you, and seeing how lucky you are to have such a wonderful husband
You will Always be my hero in my heart and nothing could ever take that away from me!
My Aunt, My Hero

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