A Storm Within by Glen Gauthier

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A storm of confusion is tormenting my mind,
clouding my thoughts rendering me blind.
I wanted it so badly, my feelings so strong,
but this haze of confusion caused a sense of disbelong.

This feeling of dread is destroying my heart,
knowing we may never be together, forever apart.
I loved you madly, my love for you so true,
wanted to be your rock, the one you turned to.

This saddening sense of loss is killing my soul,
ripping it from my body, thus leaving me unwhole.
I lost you forever, and hurts me so bad,
knowing what i wanted but could never have had

I wanted you to be my woman, to have and to hold,
i wanted to love u forever until be were both gray and old.
wanted to be your man, and i am sorry for i have failed
for this storm deep within me has once again prevail