Pavements by Keiron Tonge


Sit by the side of the road,
And take in some morning air.
Feel the cooling breeze,
Caress the leaves, your hair.

Watch the lonely moon,
Sink gently below the trees.
Hear the silent lullaby,
Of the wind among the leaves.

The heavy scent of earth.
Weighs down upon the street.
As you stand and leave your station,
It winds through the people that you meet.

Shoulders push past shoulders,
And lidless unseeing eyes.
You drift between the passers.
Your silence, your disguise.

The world has no more texture,
As you pass between the crowds.
The sky no longer moon filled.
Just the grey and endless clouds.

Across the people sea,
The clouds begin to break.
A change is taking place,
And the Sun is in its wake.

A single drop of rain,
Falls upon your face.
It slides across your lips,
Your skin as soft as lace.

Something somewhere is different.
Something you’re yet to see.
Well I haven’t seen it either.
So I’ll take you there with me.

No longer afraid of difference,
So will you take my hand?
Let me lead you to the sunrise.
Not some far off land.

There is nothing wrong in difference,
And there is nothing wrong with change.
There’s nothing wrong with you or me.
Something that makes us different, not that makes us strange.

Never be afraid of what you are, who you are, or what you could be…
Just wait and see…
And know who you are…

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