Why Don't You Ask Me What Love Is? by Keiron Tonge

Why Donít You Ask Me What Love Is?

Does it feel like flying?
Does love lift your wings?
To cast you from the rooftops,
And glide on silken winds.

Does it feel like falling?
To land upon the perch?
To stand above the streets,
Twixt the branches of the Birch.

Iíve heard that it feels warming?
A glow that lights the heart.
A chain of clasped hands,
That can never be torn apart.

As you say it feels like fire?
A passion lit within.
A daring fruitful feeling,
A rewarding wanton sin.

It feels like a sweet remembrance?
Something buried deep inside.
A long forgotten memory.
To be at a loved oneís side.

I thought it was a fable.
And I thought I could be wrong.
Looks like I was after all.
Even though it took this long.

To see a love borne smile!
To hear lovers cheerful call!
Its like night in a field of flowers.
The stars, the grass my thrall.

Its like being in a trance?
From which I want no goodbye.
I want to be forever.
Like I never said it was a lie.

If this is what love is.
The I know Iíve found at last,
A sweet, holy release.
From the future and the past.

I want nothing more,
Than to be there with you.
To look and see together.
To always be there with you.

If I had to guess Iíd say this is what love is

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