Where I Am, Where You Are by Keiron Tonge

Where I Am, Where You Are

We cling to the edge with grated teeth,
With the abyssal trench below.
We feel the darkened waters,
Give forth their ebb and flow.

With starlit night above me,
And blinding light behind,
Take a step out of your shell.
Take a look around my mind.

This scattered desert/city.
Where alleys do unfold.
This is what I see.
A sight I must behold.

Pick a street, vault a fence?
Either way it leads back here.
Get lost in thoughts and nightmares.
Revive that primal fear.

Take in the heady scent.
Of the night time life around.
Brush past the bustling masses.
Until you run aground.

Sit on the pavement edge,
Be lost in thought right there.
And Iíll come find you to explain.
Cos I guess that thatís just fair.

Rise from your rut
Take yourself out from that niche.
Iíll cast you from my alleys.
Onto a white, fine beach.

This is the part of me nobody sees.
Nobody asks to see.
This is an oasis of calm
Its where youíd like to be.

The cool and placid waters.
And the sun above the palms
The waves a gentle chorus.
Singing its foam like psalms.

Iíve learned we canít stay forever,
But perhaps another time.
Youíll come sit with me on my beach
The beaches in my mind.

The first places you look to find happiness are in yourself, and in the ones you love.
When it boils down to it thatís all thatís on my mind.
Apart from me this beach is empty for now, Iíll rake the sand into place for tomorrow.

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