Ask by Keiron Tonge

Who does a man turn to when in despair?
Who to go to when you’re not there?
Who defines themselves by action?
Who would join that twisted faction?

What does a man do in life?
What do we plunge through? strife?
What does a man do when he gives in?
What does he do but repent his sin?

When does a man know what is right?
When does a man know how to fight?
When does she know its time to try?
When do they know their love won’t die?

Where do we walk throughout this place?
Where do I go to see your face?
Where does the heart reside when not in me?
Where does life go? Can’t just let it be?

Why do we look for the truth in every lie?
Why do we live and breathe, why do we die?
Why do we love and why do we hate?
Why do we care, why do we deny fate?

How do we live in times like these?
How do we live, are we here to please?
How do people care about things like spite?
How can they when love is right?

Life itself is a question…
If you ask more you learn more…

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