Dancing In The Night (The Dance Of The Dead) by Keiron Tonge

Sing your silent song,
Recite that unheard dirge,
Because here thereís nothing,
Right here on the verge.

Your feet dance in the black flame,
They sweep the coals aside.
You keep your eyes closed.
Keeping all the pain inside.

Arms held high arc in moonlight,
Transparent skin blocking the sky.
The music isnít drifting.
Its nothing but a lie.

Others join you for the steps,
Behind a sky with no Sun.
Spiralling in this dance forever,
Like the spirit youíve become.

The coals burn even brighter,
The tinder has been lit.
Across the sea of embers,
Like a hummingbird you flit.

Around the dance is nothing,
The ghost town of the dead,
Among the nothing there I stood,
With a seed sown from my head.

I took you in my arms.
The sweeping became reserved,
You and I were waltzing.
There was nothing more deserved.

There was nothing there worth saving,
Not for I and not for you.
We danced the last steps of this waltz,
And then you knew that it was true.

From here there was no escaping.
So once more your arms began to sweep.
Once more slowly spiralling.
Eyes shut, watched lingering darkness creep.

My arms I laid at your side,
On my shoulder rested your head.
--And I Said--
ďSo lets just keep on dancingĒ
The Dance Of The Dead.

Love and death arenít so different, each something that everyone finds eventually.
And embrace from which there is no escape, sometimes you donít want to leave.
But for now no death, lets simply dance, lets simply love.

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