Where Lonely Hearts go to Die by Guadalupe Gonzales

A place where lonely hearts can go,
Where hearts are bought and sold
This ad was found near to his bed,
With writings of some prose
It was my fate that I should know,
His heart he placed for sale
For now his body lies somewhere,
A tomb without a heart.

From place to place it looked for love
It never found a home,
The prose he wrote was love for me
And how he suffered so,
The last few weeks I've searched for him
For I have come to know,
It was to you the offer came
And you who bought his heart.

I know his heart is now in you
And is of you a part,
And now I'm here with you today
That I may speak to him someway,
I know that this must sound so strange
But I have travelled far,
However I must ask you please
May I speak to his heart,

I want to say those things to him
He longed and wanted most,
That in my heart I knew his love
Of which I never spoke,
I made no time to nurture it
Or even to deny,
And so he took his broken heart
Where lonely hearts can die.

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