The Runners by Keiron Tonge

Why donít I hear you calling?
When all around in life is falling!
Why donít you hear me crying?
While all our hearts are dying!

Lets hear that melody,
Its just for you and me.
Lets see you laugh about love,
It fits us like hand does glove.

Walk down sunset boulevard.
Why not hold my hand its not hard?
Or run through this steel town?
Youíre naked but for a frown.

Rush down those city streets,
With our hearts held in our feet.
Your hand slips away from mine.
Going, gone. Gone for all time.

Stand alone on an autumn walkway.
Thereís nothing but me here today.
Until I here that laugh again.
That laugh right back where it began.

Something says that I was wrong.
That we were right all along.
I feel the warmth of palm to palm.
Your hand in mine again. That restless calm.

All things in life come to those who wait,
Maybe thatís a lie?
Some things in life come to those who act.

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