A Night In Kronos' Garden by Keiron Tonge

Feel the peaceful flow of the mountain stream,
As it cleanses all your pain.
Sit there in the ebon glade.
Let all time slip through your fingers no longer to refrain.

Feet caressing the glass surface.
And with your eyes shut lie on the grass.
With eyes closed you still feel the stars.
And the whistling wind in the glade and pass.

The night time sky is full of light.
Light that stands out in the dark.
Moonlight on gossamer skin.
As you lay there in the park.

Sunlight cannot touch you.
Just the star shine and the waves.
No war cry in the night
Around the fire there dance no braves.

Like those spirits time dances round you.
And you lie there and remember.
All that blood that stained the snow.
On that ruinous mid December.

All the fears are washed away.
On the crest of healers sea.
Where that ship floats for you.
But on that island you’ll find me.

Not trapped here.
I can leave whenever I desire.
And you? You have no freedom.
That makes you the liar.

As these thoughts dance inside your head,
The sun rose over the field.
The light brought out the people.
And the stars began to yield.

The stream had time to flow.
But for now its dried as bones.
As the sheep all wandered by.
With their ears pressed to their phones.

Many things change given the passage of time…
Loves, People and Places…
Ask yourself how time has changed you…

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