Year 2009 by Daniel Kore

What a year, what a year
a year that brought music to my ears
Happiness to my soul
and tears to my eyes.
it put a smile on my face
and memories to my heart.
When it rained it poured
hardships I conquered and achieved some goals
some, beyond my control
but all in all, it was an ok year as a whole
deans list for the most part
until a little glitch and i fell apart
to make matters worse, I was left with a broken heart.
Journey to many states with friends
Rolling in nice beemers and benz
ATL, New york, at the strip in vegas
It seems like Hangover was a movie about us..
Thinking about all the happy times
This year has brought
And all the sad moments
That passed through time
I could honestly say, it enriched my life
but now, it's time to reevaluate about what matters most
My priority which are my family and my friends
As the fresh and bright new year arrives
I say goodbye to 2009 n welcome 2010.......


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