Whispers In The Rain by Keiron Tonge

Put your faith in oceans,
Like a sailor does the star.
Plough through billowed motions.
And reach out, go afar.

What lies beyond the hilltop?
Through the glen, the winding trail.
Where snow capped mountains flourish.
Godís creation can avail.

Take my hand, with trust.
Let me lead you down this lane.
Walk under golden treetops.
A soft embrace, no pain.

Push forward from the heart.
Reach out with mind and soul.
To find the missing pieces.
To make two selves a whole.

Its a sacred, blessed union.
Between the thinker and the fool.
This hope it is a creature,
Its eyes a crystal, glasslike pool.

Itís a feeling of displacement.
And a ward against regret.
A shield to those confused.
For the ones that canít forget.

Lets take this hope.
Lets build on it too.
Lets build a life on it.
A life for me and you.

Thatís hope in basic form.
Its pure and undistilled.
A fragrant, breathing future.
Just waiting to be fulfilled.

In time it blooms,
Like a flower from seed.
Till you get a wondrous garden.
Ambition flows here freed.

So lets sail on this galleon.
Towards the far off star.
My hope and I together,
Weíll wonder where you are.

Hope holds your hand forever
Like a word that canít be heard.
A whisper in the rainÖ

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