Honour Amongst Thieves by Keiron Tonge

Here I stand in the alleyways.
With my friend and foe beside.
We’ve got a delicate plan.
To steal what’s held inside.

Our faces masked.
Tools laid out we break the surface.
An intricate operation.
Fooling ourselves we deserve this.

With the safe unlocked we turn to each other,
Laugh, the struggle begins.
If only society can forgive this.
Of our needs and our sins.

Now my friend becomes my foe,
Competing for the riches we commonly sought.
And so beneath life’s brutal layers,
A long awaited battle is fought.

Pitted against brothers a thief’s heart at stake.
No honour amongst thieves today.
A dagger point like a proclamation.
Blade on blade a complex melee.

The light dances across pointed steel.
And the brightness of their eyes fills the air.
Because when you take off the wrapper,
Its just a hearts affair.

The thieves two jealous suitors,
And the diamond a fair maid.
The daggers, words and action.
When they prevail one thief, to rest, is laid.

The other thief a victor,
Who stole fair maidens heart.
His comrade laid to rest.
His very soul torn apart.

But he’ll live to steal again.
Other thieves lose precious gems.
Perhaps for the next girl he’ll steal some flowers.
To betray the blooms their stems.

For every thief a payday.
For every thief a final chase.
For every thief a true love.
For every thief a place.

In the end we’re all thieves at least in this way…
Let me take your hand.
We’ll steal away…

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