Behind Me, Before Me by Keiron Tonge

Too many of these songs yet to be sung,
Too many fair maids hands yet to be won.
Too many future selves to become.
And that’s for me, for you, for some.

Too many stars out there we have to reach.
From the streets of carnivale to the fine white beach.
Too many high walled fortresses yet to breach.
Too many unsung ballads we have to preach.

Too many of my teardrops left to fall.
Too many days spent sat inside waiting for your call.
Too many joyous days to befall.
Too much time trying to enthral.

Too many days spent on that one song.
Too many times I said “should’ve been there all along”.
Too many times I’ve been proved wrong.
Too much time spent asking to belong.

Not enough times do we say “never die”.
Not enough times do we say “no to lies“.
Not enough times do we say “just try”.
Not enough times do we just ask why.

Something’s left to do must be done…
Something’s that we have left behind must be undone…

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