You, Me, Everybody by Keiron Tonge

What waits outside in bleak midwinter?
Some vestige of yourself under a glacial sheet?
What waits out there under the blinding summer sun?
A little piece of yourself left for you to meet?

Who stands under the tall oak in the rain?
He beckons to you with a tender call in the mist.
Waiting for you, soaked throughout and tired.
Calling to your inner yearning for the love you’ve missed.

Who takes the lonely stroll through the country roads?
Kicking the stones lying on the path into the beck.
He sighs softly as he thinks of times gone by.
Eyes closed as a tear rolls down his neck.

A lone stranger stands beneath a field of stars.
The park around him filled with emptiness.
He looks unabashed to the sky above.
No lack of resolve he stands fearless.

A Woman clicks her heels on the city street.
Umbrella turned to the heavens her head down.
She moves through the bustle of people.
Every face the same, everyone wears a frown.

Three men stand on the open road, feet scorched.
They smile and face the rising sun in anticipation.
Each carries nought but their own weight.
The open road their shared destination.

A man sits in front of a roaring fire warming his hands
He dreams of being a marshal living in the old west.
Unaware of the abandoned underpass around him.
And the smears of dirt across his mass made vest.

Two lovers sit crying by a moss covered graveside.
One looks to the other, she remembers how it was.
She wipes away her sweethearts tears with a lace sleeve.
He asks a question to which she merely says “because”.

A man sits behind a desk shouting down the phone.
A picture stands on the corner of the paper covered mass.
He sweeps the stacks down to the floor as his eyes meet the frame.
He stands to leave and takes the cherished faces. He’s smiling at the glass.

I sit alone on a cloud capped hill and I think of the world below.
I’m quite content to sit and ponder up here in the snow.
All I wait for is for the rest below to ascend this hill and join me.
To stop living by the code, by the law, by the faith. And just live to be.

Look around you at the faces of those you see…
Each face is a story…
A life…
An outlook…
What’s your story?…

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