Dust On Lidless Eyes by Keiron Tonge

Iím left wondering how it feels.
To be left high upon the shelf.
Covered in dust, eyes of glass.
Just up here by myself.

Seeing nothing but the walls.
Just closing on my mind.
I think youíd be surprised.
Look into my eyes, see what you find.

From unmoving pupils a single tear.
Because under the stillness I hurt.
If you said there was nothing to me.
Iíll leave you behind lying on the dirt.

Even a piece of unfeeling stone,
Even that can sing with the earth.
A single piece mad important by the whole.
As important to life as death and birth.

So let me show you my heart of glass.
And maybe youíre eyes can be saved.
Because mine are open now.
From the dangers I have braved.

See the world unblinking.
And leave yourself behind.
Become part of everything
Not just body and mind.

Donít be forgotten like me,
High here on my own.
Find yourself with people.
Make yourself at home.

Donít be a shellÖ
Donít be a liarÖ
Do the right thing and life will see you right in time

I Hope


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