The Sandman Comest by Guadalupe Gonzales

In my dreams I yearn to see
My dearest ones my family
And while in thought I wander too
The moments that I've shared with you

I've willed my mind to seek you out
And of my love there is no doubt
And so I search thoughout the night
to seek you out with all my might

But then I wake to discern this
Again my prayers they've gone amiss
Is not my heart tuned with my mind
Are they at odds and cannot find

To take the time to make amends
Because on them my soul depends
I ask each night before I sleep
That while I travel in the deep

They come to me that I may see
The ones I long with them to be
Release this torment deep in me
Rescue my soul return to me

And in my mind I'll make a map
To visit you in times of nap
And laugh and play with you again
And while in dream to you attend

Like times before when I would host
To you who mean to me the most
But I can't tarry in this though
The Sandman comest, I must go

And so I bid you all goodnight
To drift into my evenings' flight.

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