The Ferryman by Keiron Tonge

I’ll hold your tear soaked hand on oblivions shore,
And let you lay your head on my neck in the breeze.
We’ll watch the black sun rise from the water.
Observe as its dark surface freezes the seas.

The greying sand washed away from the floor.
Beneath its cover lies a layer of bone.
Jutting eyeless skulls facing up from our feet.
Each soul that was there was alone.

Blood flowing freely from your eyes, you were crying.
As little by little you turned into nothing. Leaving my embrace.
As the ferryman approached us draped head to toe in night.
His head down he grasped the oars ever stealing you away. Never saw his face.

Your feet seemed to never touch the floor as our hold parted.
You drifted on the unseen, unheard wind to the deck.
And I ran up there after you, denying your fate.
Sprang forward before the ferryman could row away to plant a kiss on your neck.

With one arm the masked man moved forward sweeping me to the shore.
Wishing you were staying longer but we knew it must be today.
We knew this was the last and reached our arms out to touch fingertips.
And that cruel hooded man with no smile or frown, he bore my love away.

Lying on the empty beach with my feet in the lulling waves,
Your face flashes through my mind like the stream crosses the glade.
The ties that bind prove still strong enough for you and I,
For even in the end, even in death, they deny fates cruel, cutting blade.

There are things stronger than diamond…
More durable than time itself…
They just can’t be seen...


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