All Those Moments by Keiron Tonge

As I sit here on a star,
My eyes look lost, and stare afar.
As I lay here on my dreams,.
My mind is but what it seems.

I think of but what I’ve seen.
Out here in the black, serene.
Thoughts of starlit fields.
A love to which the heart yields.

Dancing in the blunt moonlight in the rye.
Laughing, arms raised, the night did die.
The sun kissed your smile as it rose.
And I remember that instant, frozen, mid pose.

Picture perfect you stood there before me.
A guiding light, a ray of hope for me to see.
A beacon that in the darkness glows,
From your radiant smile, you lips of rose.

The warmth we shared that autumn as the leaves faded.
Out there in the rolling fields, with our eyes jaded.
Hands held, clasped over our chests in the night.
I can feel the beating of your heart, a little inner fight.

With our eyes closed to the world the sweet breeze blew.
And we turn to face each other, look into my eyes, see yours too?
Pools within pools of feelings waiting below the top.
A pool waiting there unstirred, they are the tears yet to drop.

At times when you are not here I wait for your return.
It’s the time apart that teaches, so I wait and learn.
Asking questions to which I dislike the answers.
Life is not a show, we’re not a joke, we’re people not dancers.

I thought it could be you and me forever, not just now.
That’s when you learn at times there are lies, so ask how.
You leave and take a little piece of me with you,
Its beating in your pocket, but I took something too.

All the memories remain right here ’til I die.
Of all the times we held hands, rushing in the rye.
And all those times I thought of you when I was by myself.
The singular moments your name went through my head, while on my shelf.

All those moments frozen like pictures on a wall.
All those moments crying, waiting for a call.
All those moments stolen from us, never to pass.
All those moments I waited for you in the long grass.

Memories are like pieces of shattered glass…
Splinters of an object that was made to be magnificent…
Sometimes it gets tricky putting them back together…

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