The Jester's Bride by Keiron Tonge

Dance before the kings table.
A fool, mocked and broken.
Halls of stone, echoing.
Every wall howling, words unspoken.

Only one face in the crowd does not enjoy.
No smile crossing her faded lips.
A tear rolls down her face,
The fool goes for the final bow, dips.

Congratulations from the wealthy,
A shallow praise from those who have all.
Except the woman, she simply waits.
Standing by the portcullis, for his call.

The fool rushes through the castle.
Clapped on the back, thanks for the show.
Rushing to meet his fair companion.
Wealthy to all others, but to those she does know.

She waits out in the rain for her lover.
He’s running now through the keep.
Clattering feet on stone, as he passes doors.
Apart from the torn couple the world’s asleep.

A woman loved for her beauty and wealth,
A fool praised for his need to survive at all cost.
An unlikely match, one that many couldn’t permit.
He continues through the halls, hoping he’s not lost.

Finally out under the rain.
He finds her at the gate.
Rough cloth meeting fine silk.
An embrace after the long wait.

The fool cracks a comical smile,
His love smiles in reply.
He hands her a rose in the rain.
She takes in the scent of a memory that won’t die.

He takes her hand under the darkened sky.
Knowingly she laughs at his intent.
Both laughing now,
She knew exactly what he meant.

Taking themselves to the stables they bore their troubles away.
They took the kings own horse and rode out through the squall.
The fool and his wealthy true love.
They’ve got nothing, but they have it all.

Ride out into the rain…

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