Rest In Peace by Keiron Tonge

The endless sighing forest,
Rain resting on leaves.
Footsteps and echoed laughter,
On the wind as it breathes.

Handprints in the bark,
And faded smiles in the air.
Flickering sightless eyes,
Devoid of life or care.

Faint footsteps on the flowers.
Pressing down stem and bud.
With weightless, senseless treading.
No emotion and no blood.

Crowds of unseen people,
Below the canopy of time.
Whispering listless chants.
Continuous, lifeless rhyme.

Moving through the people,
Through the forests of bone.
A wandering, forgotten army,
So that you never feel alone.

Overhearing every word,
Listening to every heartbeat.
Occupying every door, every alley.
And all the people you could greet.

Pieces of pieces.
Remnants faded but not gone.
Floating in the vastness of life.
No care for right or wrong.

Always watching, never seeing.
Perhaps on the edge of reality.
No way to say if its right.
You just have to let them be.

Sat, foetal at the back of your mind,
Covered in years of dust.
Shells that once stood full.
But now they’re just a crust.

Every feeling,
Every touch,
Every person,
It’s just too much.

Here Lies
Gone But Not Forgotten


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