Like Two Peas, in a Pod by Guadalupe Gonzales

Remember when we did agree that we would never part
We grew together you and me we both shared the same heart
As if we were a little plant two blooms formed from one bud
We both reached out with little arms to grasp the world about

What happy days I spent with you in both our company
We were a pair just you and me and never past a day lonely
And if I ever had a fear I always knew that you were near
But then one day I closed my eyes and someone took me from your side

It was so dark I could not see but felt a blade had cut through me
And then I drifted up to see it was no longer you and me
For they have cut me from your side I now feel empty from inside
I tried so hard to cling to you but I'm being lifted to the sky
My darling sibling tell me why, why did you not say goodbye.

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