Tears Of Fire by Keiron Tonge

Look into my eyes, they are defined by insecurity.
Read between the lines, see exactly who I want to be.
Running at the sun while the sand scorches my feet below,
Believing that your words are as cooling as the soft, white snow.

Scraping at the ice, just to see the twisted face below.
To see the hollow eyes of all the people that I know.
The places I have been were torched with sacred firelight,
The scattered, crying people run off out into the night.

Make my home inside the forest of all the things I had believed
The branches, the salvation of the people that are now bereaved.
A place to take the sinners, and a place to weave our sacred lies.
No door to stop the devil, he can’t enter but he takes his tries.

And for all the sweet salvation in the forest I cannot resist,
To think of all the faces, all the actions, of those I had missed.
The hours they do kill me softly, wrapped up here in your embrace.
That’s all I ask, just once, once more, to see your pretty face.

All the guilt and all the guile that I felt with my torch in hand,
As I set a fire to hearth and home, my heart, I did not understand.
I stole your breath away and I hid it with my greatest sin.
At the back of my heart together, the two of you interred within.

…Love, Life, Laughter…
…As the flames lick higher…

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