Underwater Where Thoughts Can Breathe by Keiron Tonge

Sitting here with the grey water crashing about my head.
The waterfall cleanses the pain and the misery.
Washing away the shards and remnants,
Of all I had ever hoped to be.

Carrying my cares downstream in the rain.
Taking away the blood and tears in a sweet cascade.
Also, unwillingly, it took away my love,
It took away my very being and all the plans I had made.

Reaching arms out for the air the rushing grey swallowed me.
Pushing me down into the womb of the stream.
Here to be a child forever, to hope, to think.
In the dark that can only be my dream.

No matter how long I struggled and how long I kicked out,
The waves held me down like cloying hands.
Holding me down in a world of nightmares.
Not allowing me to be on the shore where a real life stands.

The hopelessness of the water and the crushing emotions,
Both keeping me there, needing me there, for all time.
My price to pay, my road to walk,
For every single teardrop there was behind it a crime.

Guilt holding me down just as hope drags me up,
This fatal stasis I cannot endure.
And so I wait here waiting to reach the surface.
And I wait here to find a cure.

The disease of loneliness can be hard to cure…

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