NIghttime soliloquy by Helfried Cuturela

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Lamps silently light the street.

Vehicles are passing by,
one at a time--
each seeking an unknown destination.

Wind flows through the trees,
causing them to vibrate gently;

A soft susurration fills the silence.

Cigarette smoke leaves my dorm
through the open window.

I stand motionlessly,
looking down on the lucent pavement.

Thoughts stream through my mind,
staying a little,
and moving on as other arrive.

A gentle piano play accompanies them on their journey.

An old light rail passes by,
distempering this placid tune.

As its sound fades away,
quiescence settles again.

Clock ticking reminds me of the late hour.

My bed awaits patiently in the small, dim room.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.