When Youth Departed, Reasoning Died by Guadalupe Gonzales

How sweet it was when I was five
And did not know then how to hide
Those rooted feelings deep inside
Which later peaked, and did me guide
A path alone and out of stride

Then I learned that I must hide
For the sake of others' pride
Deny myself and thus abide
And act against my true inside

Now looking back when I was five
How happy cheerful and alive
Those rooted feelings did not hide
But jumped and played with me inside
And laughed and dreamed as if in stride
And did not damage others' pride

What caused the strife that would divide
Of that which nature does not hide,
When youth departed reasoning died.

So for the sake of others' pride
Of which their judgement did not hide
I died a death while still alive,

And buried it to live inside.
And through the years they all have lied
To treat me right to live a lie
But by the grace of the Most High,
I yet remain until I die.

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