Never cared by Shannon G

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Why is it that everytime we get close,
you have to act so strange?
Or am I the one that's acting weird.... do you think I need to change?
When you have to leave me, you seem to want to go.
Is it this behavior that makes me love you so?
You say you only think of me 50% of your time.
Well I don't. I think of you 100% of mine.
The way you act, your looks, your voice,
they almost make me sick;
But then again they don't because they make the clock in my life tick.
Without you, I feel like I'm going to die= even when you leave my house it makes me want to cry.
Now you're leaving me again, and I know that it's by force,
but you could AT LEAST act like you're hurt too.... I am, of course.
Why is this so hard for me, and is it hard for you?
Because if it is, please let me know;
I'll always care about you.