When Jasmine passed me by by Guadalupe Gonzales

When I arrived I was aware a jasmine fragrance filled the air
As I walked in I found her there next to the window in a chair
Are you alright, is someone there? "my love", she said, "he lives right there"
As I looked out the window too, a tree, a house within her view
The house appeared to lack of care to me it seemed no one live there
And of the one she called her love, I knew not what she spoken off

As I drew near to where she sat, a pad and pencil in her lap
She handed it to me and said, I've written it a few days back,
"From my window I can see the man I hold so dear to me
The one I long with him to be, the man who stole my heart from me
The time we spent beneath the tree to speak of love both you and me
It was to you my heart was tied, that someday soon I'd be your bride
The cherished moments by your side, the tears of anguish deep inside"

And so it read, but than a break, the verse puts on a different take.
"But then one day to me it came, the spectre in my window pane
A pale refection taunting me, the phantom guilt of treachery
My mind has wandered off so far, since last I travelled out that door
And I've grown old since last he came, the man I loved I did him shame"

All I could do is look away, I could not think of what to say
But then I asked how long its been since company of sorts you've seen?
She then looked up and whispered this, "one hope I have and dare not miss
For when my love comes out his door, the spectre then will be no more".

This job was fairly new to me to take surveys of elderly
But if this story it be true there may be something I can do
I did not want for her to know until I knew about her beau
And since the projects share back yards, I went around to his front door
As I went in and passed the door a musty odor not much more
If someone had indeed lived here it had not been within this year
And when I saw there was no more, I left that place through his back door.

It was now late, but yet could see engravings on the sprawling tree
"My last regret, I loved you so" and dated 30 years ago
The love she yearned for was no more yet looked for him at his back door
And though it's sad there is no more and so I went then to her door
As I walked in I heard a sigh and felt as air had passed me by
And as it passed I was aware that jasmine filled the flowing air
I searched the house and found no one, it's finished here what's done is done
When I can't sleep, I walk the floor, for it was me come out his door.

Had she mistaken me to be the one she said would set her free
I've not forgotten of that day, for it does haunt me to this day.

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