My Friends by Keiron Tonge

I dedicate this to all of you,
You so many, you so few.
Who knoweth lies and speak whatís true.

You are my spine, so quintessential,
Beacons of a shared potential.
To stand for all time, time torrential.
A friend so true, a friend perennial.

A fruit everlasting, it wonít go rotten.
A memoir of all those times, forgotten.
A portrait of the fun begotten.

Iíll wear my friendship like a pendant,
Above all others, you few transcendent.
Iíll write for you my friends so ascendant.
Of how you are bold, so independent.

Be forever happy, donít shed a tear.
Do not look on through pain or fear.
Just know that the others are ever near.

Time will tell how this story ended.
Of you, those few, that I befriended.
Of those times broken, and of those mended.
Iíll look back and wish it had never ended.

-ever wonder if its all for you?-

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