Forget-Me-Not by Keiron Tonge

Forgotten roads, draped in vine,
Me and you, bottle of wine.
Hand in hand, we run away,
Times are wasted, but not that day.
Green, tall, trees and dusted track,
Butterflies are resting on your back.
Colours bright, in harmony,
A dazzling, living symphony.

Sat in these fields, we’ve come so far,
Just me, just you, just my guitar.
It always makes me smile when you bid me play,
You know if my last strings were broken, I would find a way.
It’s the only time I witnessed day turn into night,
The only time with you there, standing in my moonlight.
This I won’t forget, not you, you’re my forever,
So when the sun rises once more, I shall forget you never.

Upon the grass, where our feet trot,
There grows a host of forget-me-not.
Blue-white stars of passion, bright,
Swaying in the breeze, the midday light.
If I pick one and give it to you,
Whisper “forget-me-not” just reply “you too”.
Sweet whispers and a long lasting kiss,
Where blooms the petal of myosotis.

-“whisper words of wisdom”-
-The Beatles-

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