I, My Masked Monster by Keiron Tonge

If I died and went to a better place,
Would I perchance to hide my disgrace.
To find a mask upon my face,
In a corner set aside from the human race.

Blood below my finger nails,
Where I once saw flesh I now see scales.
My world closed in and held by rails,
And the eyes of the people sting like nails.

Beneath the neon sky aflame,
This afterlife a twisted endless game.
Myself a beast without a name,
Marked by notoriety, such shame.

Carnivale mask, just bearing my teeth,
A shadow of what lies beneath.
My life was short, yours will be brief,
Your ship will crash on my coral reef.

Under my claw, under my fang,
Upon my walls your blood will hang.
In the valley where your death cry rang,
Beneath the moon my blood chorus sang.

-just what are we inside?-

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