Mirror Mirror by Keiron Tonge

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Reflecting light all down the hall.
Whisper whisper, looking glass,
Show me the times that are yet to pass.
Screaming screaming serenade,
Show me all of life’s parade.
Fire fire, in the night,
Born of sacred candlelight.
Ringing ringing, above the alter,
As the warming church bells falter.
Burning burning, walls of wood,
Shedding tears and spilling blood.
Running running, streets of people,
Seen from atop the flaming steeple.
Water water, cry the meek,
No safe haven there to seek.
The end the end, the time is nearing,
As our very hearts are searing.
Breaking breaking, the glass, the future,
The hopes of mankind left to suture.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Did you just predict our fall?

-seek and you shall find-

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