Have you seen my best friend by Guadalupe Gonzales

One day I came from work at night as many times before
Today however it seemed strange there's no one at the door
And as I stopped to free the lock that held the gate closed shut
I called for you, are you asleep, wake up you sleeply head
There was no bark at all today she'd not done this before
She'd always ride inside with me, her paws just on the door

Perhaps something had scared her and decided she would hide
And as my thoughts do conjure up bad feelings deep inside
So does my mind betray me now to think perhaps she died
All I can do is run as fast as I am able to
I've reached the door and opened it and search the house for you
I call again with all my might where are you come to me

How could someone have taken her without informing me
I started searching for my friend I know not where to go
And now I fear the worst is near no sign of her at all
I'm tired now and all is dark I cannot even see
As I return now to the house it all comes back to me
But time has past it's been six months and still a mystery

And if its true the dead can walk, it's me searching for you
And since that day I've posted pics, my doggie and of me
And on the pic I've written in, "Have you seen my best friend?"

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