Fear by Tia Voth

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I sit in a dark corner hiding from my fears.
I trust no one because they don't care.
I try to remember the happy
times, but I can't. I don't belong in my
family or school. I'm isolated because of
my fears. I learn not to trust when I got
hurt and lost my way. No one understands
the pain. They ask me if I'm okay, I say yes
because I know that's what they want to hear,
yet I'm not. I need to learn to trust, but
when I trust I just find out I told myself a
lie. I love the rain because it hides the pain
and tears. I wear make up to hide my face.
I don't want to be made fun of for who I am.
I act my emotions because I am afraid. Only
one person knows who I really am, a friend
I can no longer trust. I don't belong in big
groups. Only one person can save me from
my fears, but he doesn't know who I am.
Until he knows me I am forever lost in my