My Happy Place by Tia Voth

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life has brought me to a house.
I would sleep in a wooden bed.
I would sleep beside my brother
to protect me from my dreams.
I moved on. when I was a child
I was some were different. A
different room. I moved on,
and I saw less of my father
but more of my mother.
I knew little of my family
other then my grandparents
and my parents. They thought
all that I know. I learned about
death, and then I was a scared
and lonely no one to hold. I have
to move on, and if I move on will
it bring me closer to death? If
death ever happens to me maybe I
could learn about my family and
relatives that I can no longer see,
see in pictures or in my memories.
I am afraid o move on. If I move
on will I be moving away from the
ones I love. Will I move away
from my friends, family, or my
knowledge. If I move on will I be
remembered! Or will I be forgotten
in everyone's mind.