Of Road Kill by Guadalupe Gonzales

While driving through the countryside I saw something that caught my eye
At first I could not really see as I drew near a small puppy.

This final place he will reside he did not reach the other side
How sad a sight one must behold a furry body by the road
What was his fate that he should roam, like most furries he had no home
For I have seen many a one searching for food for they have none.

Their greatest gift comes from above their great capacity to love
For I have seen what they can do for elderly and children who
In hospitals where they lay ill where pain and loneliness they feel
I've seen their face at once light up when into them is brought a pup.

How sad it is a child to be with no hope of a remedy
To spend all day in misery heart breaking for the family
I know of no known therapy to cheer a child or elderly
But when their eyes behold to see, spring up from bed to hold puppy.

There is a hope to this story may it console for those who see
That in the greatest Book of old, if there be breath, a living soul
And all sub creatures innocent, return to God from whence their sent.

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