"Smile My Love" by Azriel Johnson

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The reverse of radiance relies on
the darkness derived from
flagrant flowing, flowering
shadows sharing sources of

My hands harness and hold you,
young, yearning for you,
but beneath the beauty,
a distance divides our hearts.

"Give yourself to me," I beseech
you. "Break the bonds you
bear, yellowing, bringing your
beauty to its most miserable
malcontent thoughts.

"Smile my love, because the
fear will fade in time, and
the fear will be fleeting and
not fleecing if you let your
feelings find me following you.

"Smile my love, your smile is
signal enough, a beacon broadcast
over thousands of miles, directly
through to me. Allow your feelings
to allay your fears. Align your
fantasy to amend your ferocious

"Smile my love, because the war
inside you, withers our love.
Don't deny yourself. Don't doubt
your heart. Let the light of
love illuminate, like liquid
hydrates a blighted land."